Leadslingers Whiskey and Bad Decisions

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Leadslingers Whiskey and Bad Decisions

Break.Break.Break.---Our best selling recipe just got a million times better. We are now exclusively using straight 'Merica loving Leadslingers Whiskey and all the gun toting, bald eagle warrior screaming glory that comes with it, in these bars of soap. We have all been there…somewhere we shouldn’t have been due to a little too much of the happy sauce. Maybe yours was made in Big Helyns, J-Ville NC, Vegas, or anywhere else there was such a thing as having too much fun…this is the bar for you. Just enough to remind you to have a good time, but not enough to give probable cause for a field sobriety test on your way.  This bar is a solid choice for everyday use and will leave you feeling invigorated, and exfoliated.


K Bar Soap Company prides itself with using the best all natural ingredients we can find for all of our products made for Freedom loving Patriots around the world. We remind you to Ditch the Bar, Grab a Grenade. 




 ***This product ships directly from www.kbarsoapco.com. Leadslingers Spirits LLC authorizes the use of name and logo for products***